Steve Harvey Sends Up His Miss Universe Gaffe In A Super Bowl Ad For T-Mobile

Remember that time Steve Harvey read the wrong name off the card at the Miss Universe pageant? You don’t? Oh, then I’m sorry. Welcome back from your manned mission in space or your coma because people went nuts over it.

Well, yeah, he read the wrong name off the card and it was all uncomfortable and viral. And since brands love viral, T-Mobile enlisted Harvey for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl that harkened back to those fond December 2015 days.

Harvey would like you to know Verizon dropped the ball (because of their commercial with the balls) and he knows what that’s like! And actually T-Mobile’s numbers aren’t what Verizon said and whatever you’ve got your wireless carrier and you’re probably not changing it based on what the host of Family Feud says during a game of football in February.

When is the last time someone has done so well despite such a horrible gaffe on live television? Harvey wasn’t exactly hurting for work, but wouldn’t this be like the person who organized the entrance during the Saturday night Republican debate getting a Snickers commercial out of it? Or if Mike Milbury got a job on NBC giving his opinion on hockey despite his career in hockey?

Anyway, good for Steve Harvey. But this remains the best thing to come out of all of it: