The Colts Are The Worst Team In The Galaxy

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11.02.11 11 Comments

It appears that we are not alone in this universe in thinking that the Indianapolis Colts suck. While the New Orleans Saints were beating the snot out of the Colts to the tune of 62-7 two weekends ago, some fans now believe that the New Orleans sky was visited by football fans from another world. The NBC camera showed the sky above St. Louis Cathedral, and suddenly a strange light caught the attention of people who smoke way too much weed.

Shaped like a long rod and adorned with multiple lights, it seems that this may not be the first time that these lights have paid us a visit. According to filmmaker and guy who sees a lot of aliens, Jose Escamilla, these rods have been zipping and zapping all over the place.

“As I reviewed one of the tapes, I noticed something streak past my camera viewfinder and thought at first it was just a bird or insect,” Escamilla told The Huffington Post.

“Looking at each frame of the footage again, I knew it was something more unusual. My girlfriend at the time called them ‘rods’ as they sort of looked like some kind of life form you’d see in a microscope.”

Since that time, Escamilla has collected hundreds of taped examples from around the world of these so-called rods, which vary in physical form: Some look like centipedes with appendages and others have no appendages but appear to have lights on top of them.

(Via the HuffPo)

Hmmm, you say these UFOs look like bugs, eh? Well there has to be a very simple excuse for this.

“I think these are insects that got caught in that interlaced video as they’re flying through with a wing beat frequency, and the frames are being captured at a frequency… that causes that look,” insisted Marc Dantonio, chief photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network.

Let this be a lesson, people – do not eat more than the recommended amount of peyote.

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