‘The Daily Show’ Calls Colin Kaepernick This Generation’s Muhammad Ali, But With A Slight Twist

Everybody has tossed their opinion into the fracas over Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest at this point. It’s become a hashtag, people have called him a disgrace, and he’s inspired plenty of other sports stars to follow him in protest during the anthem. It’s become much more than just one player attempting to make a statement, pretty much meaning Kaepernick has found some success using this method. His foot is in the door and, as The Daily Show points out, it could be his Muhammad Ali moment.

But Trevor Noah is quick to make a distinction between the 49ers’ backup quarterback and the greatest of all time. Noah gets a nice little jab in about Kaepernick’s lack of achievements and talent, also hitting at the fake version of football Kaepernick plays on the field. It’s funny because it’s the one aspect of the Kaepernick protest you don’t see much of at this point. There have to be people out there who dislike Kaepernick as a player, but still support his form of protest.

The rest of the folks on The Daily Show take the whole situation to “Outrage Court” in order to put it to bed once and for all. Roy Wood Jr. gives his ruling on the situation, stating that they will stop playing the anthem before sporting events. Instead, we’ll get to hear “Hey Ya” by Outkast every weekend, in every city, time and time again. It’s going to be wonderful.

(Via The Daily Show)