Converse Chuck Taylor x JW Anderson Collab Goes Glam Globally

The love-hate relationship people have with glitter is understandable. Glitter is the essence of all things girly. It goes right up there with the color pink and anything with a unicorn on it. Glitter is in direct competition with feathers for being the herpes of decoration (you don’t even have to have direct contact with it to get it on you), but glitter also just makes everything so much more fun.

That’s why, like all the other Chuck Taylor lovers out there, we’re stoked about today’s launch of Converse’s collab with JW Anderson. The “GLITTER_GLITTER” sneaker capsule is a unisex collection that gets rid of glitter as the standard for all things girly and glam and gives it back its rightful position as a sign of boldness and uniqueness. Designer Jonathan Anderson said of the collab, “From my very first pair, Converse have represented such a radical movement in style and culture. The contrasts and similarities between the world of Converse and the world of J.W.Anderson creates a space of culture tension that’s a dream to play within as a designer.”

Chucks are the types of shoes you can wear until they are literally falling apart, and then you just go to the shoe store and purchase the exact same pair all over again, and keep doing that until the good Lord calls you home. Anderson is making sure that tradition continues by offering the shiny shoes in three styles: the classic Chuck ’70, Converse’s Thunderbolt, and a ballet model. The Chuck ’70 is the high top all the basketball boys used to rock, the Converse Thunderbolt is a more comfy, more convenient, padded walking shoe, and the Ballet shoe is a “sport slipper in mesh” that could pass for a low top Chuck.

Every model is available today, December 14, at stores and online, so people all over the world can get ready to make more memories with their Chuck Taylors, just like generations before them. Do you remember your first pair of Chucks? Comment below; we want to hear!

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Dover Street Market
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