Up Your Style Game With These Tips From The ‘Master Of None’ Costume Designer

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There’s a distinct sense of style on display in Netflix’s Master of None. A certain ineffable cool and throwback charm. Nowhere is this more evident than with the always well-dressed Dev Shaw, played by the show’s co-creator Aziz Ansari. Unlike so many TV characters, Dev never seems to be trying too hard to represent his entire ideology in an outfit. Still, his look says something about him — his old-school tastes, his Euro influences, and his eclectic interests.

Costume Designer Dana Covarrubias — who’s helped dress characters on Louie, Boardwalk Empire, and Inside Amy Schumer, to name a few — is responsible for Dev’s clothing sense (with input from Ansari). A San Antonio native, Covarrubias moved to New York City for college. She’s worked in fashion and design ever since. We got the chance to talk to Covarrubias about what goes into creating Master of None’s unique style aesthetic, as well as what you can do to create a similar look in your own wardrobe.


Was there a noticeable difference in fashion when you first moved to New York from San Antonio?

Oh my god. It’s vast. Where I grew up in San Antonio, it was 2001, 2002, so it was very preppy. I guess that was the main difference. Then, coming to New York, I think the first culture shock that I saw clothing-wise was everyone here fell more into the stereotype of being very artsy. I was just so excited by that. I went to a really crazy art college and there was a girl who would every day… do you remember those Beanie Baby things? They were weird little animals?

I do.

This girl would every day wear an outfit that was made out of those. She would just baby pin them to herself or she would have them in her hair. It was all structural. It was just so interesting. You would never see that growing up in San Antonio. So I think just immediately I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is amazing.’ It was very inspiring to be in New York, for sure.

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