Mikey Alfred’s Newest Streetwear Collection Drew Inspiration From His Favorite Snack

“There is something different about clothing where, if you put a message in a song or in a movie that says ‘school is cool’ people are like, ‘that’s corny,’ but if you see a shirt that says ‘school is cool’ then you add the context.”

Mikey Alfred sees the prize and wants to take his career to another level. He’s a young visionary that has his very own streetwear brand with Illegal Civilization. Additionally, he’s working on a feature film and he just linked up with Doritos and Pro BMX Athlete/Content Creator Nigel Sylvester for a streetwear collaboration inspired by the iconic snack that mixes Mikey’s effortless and unique approach to fashion with the heritage of skate culture and his own love of the brand.

“Eating Doritos was something that was just part of my everyday life,” says Mikey when discussing his years-long connection to the snack.

Mikey isn’t fueled solely by those warm memories, though. The triangular shape of Doritos factors into the creative direction of this collection, but there’s also the sensory overload that comes from the color, the flavors, and the crunch to consider and infuse into this idea, along with the distinct logo style that has helped to make Illegal Civ products stand out (much like Doritos’ distinct shape and logo has allowed it to stand out).

Check out the video above to learn more about this exciting collaboration and how Mikey’s distinct creative voice mixes with Doritos to create something essential.