Mikey Alfred Wants His Doritos Inspired Streetwear Collection To Connect On A Deeper Level

“Doing this Doritos collection, the whole thing is about me bringing my personality into it.”

To truly know Mikey Alfred you need to see him work, that’s where he comes to life. Watching interviews of Mikey you’ll latch on quickly to his chill west-coast laid back aura, it’s easy to see him as just ‘one of the gang,’ but when he’s in his element, his focus is razor-sharp.

Mikey knows he has a job to do — make this Doritos collaboration dope — and the job isn’t finished until Mikey feels it and the work meets his high standards.

Getting this collection right is of paramount importance to Mikey. He gets that there’s a spotlight that comes from this collaboration with Doritos and he wants his design to connect in a multi-tiered way with the next generation of streetwear aficionados and skaters — an audience that he both caters to and represents. It’s about more than expanding Illegal Civilization from a dope underground label to a must-have brand in the streetwear canon. It’s about this moment.

“In all of the designs, there are these images of our Dino biting a Doritos chip or holding a Doritos bag, cause this is our time to take a bite of the pie.”

Watch the video above to see Mikey take things to another level as he reveals his work. And you can cop the Illegal Civ x Doritos Collection exclusively dropping on NTWRK next Wednesday 9/4 @ 5PM PST/8PM EST. For more info download the NTWRK app here.