A Day With Squeak Pro Barber Is An Exploration Of Where Art And Style Meet

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DENIZEN® from Levi’s®


No matter the customer, Squeak Pro Barber stays flexible behind the barber chair.
Pictured: DENIZEN®
Men’s 283™ Slim Fit Jeans – Perry

When you think of traditional barber shops, you probably think of gray-haired men with endless stories, wielding only a fine-toothed comb and a pair of clippers. Classic cuts, day in and day out. Maybe a few simple fades. And that’s cool. But that’s not Squeak.

Squeak Pro Barber is next level, modern but still fun and approachable. He blurs the lines between fly hair and fine art — then shares his craft with the world through his YouTube and Instagram. He innovates and pushes boundaries. He remixes the old and reinterprets it for the now. His life is flexible, he is a man of style and comfortable in his own skin, and he’s flat-out ferocious in his commitment to his craft. When DENIZEN® from Levi’s® sent me to spend a day with Squeak, I knew one thing for sure: A day in his DENIZENS wouldn’t be boring.


Squeak’s life exists where art and style collide.
Pictured: DENIZEN® Men’s 216™ Skinny Fit Jeans – Eagle

As I rock up to a small Orlando storefront, a guy with shiny, black hair and tattoos covering the tops of his hands unlocks the door. This is the new era of “Members Only Barbershop” perfect for someone like Squeak, who likes to set his own schedule to fit with his active lifestyle.

“You’re in the right place,” he says, disappearing back inside. I race to catch up. The shop’s walls are made from wood pallets. Vintage chairs sit in the corners with old-school canvas aprons hung across them. This space is a mix of classic and modern, something Squeak Pro Barber says describes his style of hair cutting, too.

I sit in one of the shop’s red leather barber chairs — Migos on the TV in the background — and watch Squeak do his thing while rocking a pair of DENIZENS. He’s an artist and his flow is something akin to a dance as he has the grace and freedom to move around the barber’s chair. The finished product looks like an intricate black-and-white tattoo, shaded in all the right places. There’s depth and dimension to the cut.

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