Relive Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show With Your Very Own 3D-Printed Left Shark

With yesterday’s revelation of the first tattoo of the meme-tastic “left shark” from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Half Time Show on Sunday, the uncoordinated and possibly drunken internet celebrity’s fame continues to soar. (Erm, swim?) How do I know this? Because someone with the technological know-how and the equipment to flex said brain muscles made a 3D printing of the predatory dancer:

Using Shapeways as his platform for selling these memes, [Fernando Sosa] has made quite a name for himself. Now, he has created a 3D printed Left Shark meme, which is currently available for purchase on the site for just $24.95.  The miniature shark measures 2.096″ w x 2.36″ d x 2.696″ h, and is printed in full color sandstone.

That’s right, folks. You too can own your very own 3D printed miniature of the “left shark” dancer, complete with a permanent pose that captures the fin-flapping grace of this aquatic rarity. Why bother trying to catch the dreaded beast with Tinder when you can simply manufacture your own or order one already made?

But if Tinder’s your boat, then you could always order a statuette for use as a nail filer. Since it’s made of sandstone, the “left shark” would keep your fingers touchscreen-ready for swiping left or right with reckless abandon.

Via 3D Print