5 More Chromecast Apps That Are Essential For Your Streaming Pleasure

05.07.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

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It’s been a few weeks since we put up a list of fantastic must-have apps you should get for your Chromecast. But after having it for a few weeks, it gives us a chance to really delve into the Chromecast, and what we’ve found is some stuff that makes the Chromecast change from something that someone wants to something that everyone with a TV to buy. Plug-in and let’s take a look at the apps you can’t live without.


This is hands-down one of the best apps you need. Why? Do you know all that local media you have on your computer, but couldn’t find a simple way to get it from computer to Chromecast? Well, this app does it. All you have to do is install the app, open a file through the browser app, and choose basically any file you want to play. After I found out that I could play anything on to my TV through Chromecast, I literally yelled, “Holy crap, this is why I bought Chromecast for!” Then I look on the screen:


Talk about a spot-on slogan.


Spotify has lagged behind with getting a Chromecast app out there, so luckily an unofficial app is out there so you can stream Spotify through your Chromecast into you TV. Until Spotify jumps on the Chromecast craze with an official app, this will work as well as it can.



One of the biggest annoyances with cable TV is that they have the biggest killer apps of all: Sports. Whenever I really think about cancelling my cable, I keeping coming back to “How am I going to watch all the sports?!” I don’t want to go to a bar every time I want to watch my teams play, or use some crappy streaming service online through a sketchy site with pop-ups and hidden audio ads. With this premium service MLB.TV, you’ll get all the games streaming to your Chromecast. It’s a bit expensive ($130 a season), but that is a lot better than paying $170 a month for cable just to watch sports.


redbox streaming chromecast

That’s right. That Redbox you see when you check out of the grocery store now has a streaming service for Chromecast. It’ basically has the Netflix feel where you get a month free and then pay a little month from streaming and a few DVD’s a month. Another dagger to network TV with another streaming option on the market.




What is Photowall? It’s pretty much what you think it is. You can take your photos from your smart phone (Android or iOS) or Chrome and put them on your TV. It’s perfect for when you have all of your friends over and you want to show off your experiences. As more amazing and worthwhile apps for Chromecast, you better believe that we’ll bring them to you so you can make the $35 cost of Chromecast even more worthwhile.

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