This Guy Built A Terrifying Flying Machine From 54 Drone Propellers

Get ready to pour out a big bag of NOPE when you see this flying contraption with a 360 pound weight capacity which was built from 54 drone propellers. As if the FAA needed another reason to be uncomfortable with drones. At least this one doesn’t have a gun.

What this one does have is 54 counter-rotation propellers connected with evenly-spaced metal bars, connected in six groups of nine with Hobbyking stabilization and 10 minutes of flight time per charge. That’s plenty of time to ram yourself into a tree, with 9 minutes and 54 seconds to spare.

Of course, the marvel of this design was not lost on YouTube commenters, who are responding to the video with either amazement or snark, and not much in between:

Seriously though, I’m voting for the Gun Drone / 54-Drone-Copter ticket in 2020. Unless Gun Drone chooses Kanye as a running mate instead.

(Via Gizmodo)