If You Want To Get In To This California Bar, You Must ‘Like’ It On Facebook

Facebook is, among many other things, a highly useful marketing tool, at least according to Facebook. But one bar in Stockton is taking it just a bit further: You have to be a friend of the bar on Facebook in order to even get in the door.

Apparently, screening your social media for drug problems and bad behavior isn’t limited to employers anymore. The owner of Finnegan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant explains his use of Facebook as a bouncer thusly:

“I use Facebook a lot.” And so does the pub. Tony Mannor, the pub’s owner, says they use Facebook to screen visitors and keep the establishment safe. “As we became more popular we also attracted some trouble. People don’t know how to have a good time.”

Essentially, after 9pm you have to friend the pub, and the owner takes a look at your profile. If you’re the kind of “undesirable” he doesn’t like, you don’t get in. Which raises a few questions, like, what, precisely, “undesirable” means in this context.

But, either way, he claims that it’s working and his patrons feel safe. And hey, it is his bar, so really he can serve or not serve as he so chooses. Still, one can’t help but wonder if you really need Facebook to spot the guy who’s going to get wasted and try and pick a fight over a sports game. Usually those guys stand out pretty well, what with the jerseys, the neck tattoos, and the constant ordering of Natty Light.

(Base image courtesy of Franz & P on Flickr)