A Third Of Us Use Social Media When We’re Taking A Dump

No wonder the magazine industry is suffering: according to a new study, a third of us kill time on the can reading our feeds.

This is one of the tidbits from Neilsen’s yearly look at social media, which also unsurprisingly reveals that people 25-34 use social media the most, especially when they want to gloat and pretend they’re not by saying “HUMBLEBRAG!” immediately after. It is based on self-reporting, so, don’t worry, we’re sure the actual percentage is much higher, just only a third of us are willing to admit it.

Also of interest, and possible terror if you own a TV network, 40% of smartphone and tablet owners admitted they were really staring at their tablet while the tube was on, and the two most popular activities were…shopping and reading their social media feeds. Although, to be fair, roughly a third of those on Twitter were talking about the TV show they were sort of half watching.

Really, the news is just awful for advertisers in general. Most people don’t like social media advertising, and won’t buy products from it. However, they will listen to their friends on social media, meaning one United Breaks Guitars will follow a company around like an elevator fart, even moreso than in the past since all those “I listen to my friends” numbers have risen over the last few years.

But, hey, good news for Facebook!