You Can Make Amazon Echo And Google Home Talk To Each Other Forever

Earlier today we were concerned about the coming robopocalypse due to the Atlas robot getting an upgraded balancing algorithm. Well, maybe we can rest a little easier knowing the wiretapping devices — er, consumer entertainment products — in our homes are still dumb as hell.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are somewhat similar devices, in that they both have a microphone that’s always on, waiting for you to say something incriminating — er, ask it a question, we mean. YouTuber Adam Jakowenko figured out a way to get the two devices caught in a loop, speaking to each other seemingly indefinitely. If that calendar event in question is a daily recurring line item, this could go on for months.

It reminds me of that one time when I picked up a toy parrot on an endcap at a store, said “f*ck you” to it, then laughed when it mimicked what I said. Then another parrot on the endcap also repeated “f*ck you” in its high-pitched parrot voice. Then a few other parrots said it. And soon a chain reaction was going of toy parrots saying “f*ck you” back and forth and overlapping like a vulgar Row Row Row Your Boat. About ten minutes later I saw a store employee run past me holding a toy parrot, as the employees were now rushing to separate the foul-mouthed parrots, one at a time. I regret nothing.

(Via Pleated Jeans)