Amazon Prime Day’s Best Tech Deals, And How To Buy Them


It’s Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon cleans out its warehouse and offers steep discounts on everything from baby clothes to Hummel figurines. But, of course, the best deals are generally to be found in the tech and electronics section. Here are some of the best we’re seeing so far, and how to find others as they pop up.

The Best Deals Right Now

The Xbox One has been seeing some killer deals lately, but this is this is easily the best one. For $300, you get four games, two controllers, and a $50 gift card. In other words, after deals the console itself is about a hundred bucks.

Amazon devices are always going to be on sale, but everything they make is a particularly good deal today. Standing out in particular is Amazon’s Dash buttons, which cost a dollar and give you a $5 credit the first time you use them. In other words, Amazon is paying you to install these buttons. They may not be worth it if you’re not a fan of the products, but if you are, that’s a deal it’s hard to turn down.

If you’re interested in tiny computers, this Raspberry Pi starter kit is a great project for kids.

Everybody should own a Dremel of some sort. Amazon’s Dremel sale today will ensure you’ve got all the sanding, grinding, cutting and polishing you need.

Sick of vacuuming? You can get
a full 34 percent off a Roomba 614

Bose’s best earbuds are 50% off at the moment.

And finally, Prime members, when they buy Amazon gift cards in a value at $50 or above, get a free $10 Amazon gift card. One per customer, but essentially you’re getting a $60 card for $50.

How To Grab The Best Lightning Deals

Prime Day being Prime Day, you probably have already missed out on a good lightning deal, of which there are literally thousands today. Sick of it happening? Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t.

  • Be patient. Prime Day always destroys Amazon’s servers, so you might have to wait.
  • Check the “Everything Else” box all the way down at the bottom of the categories. Usually the more oddball tech deals are hiding in that tab.
  • When searching, set it to either “Active” or “Upcoming” deals. The more focused your search is, the more likely you are to find the deal you want.
  • Amazon tells you every deal coming up and has a “watch this deal” button. It’s worth scrolling through the deals in specific categories and seeing if there’s anything you need a good price on.
  • For most deals there’s generally more than one version of it. If, say, an HD projector sells out, there’s another one, usually from another manufacturer, ready to hit the sales floor.
  • Ignore the countdown timer, the little bar telling you how many of the deals have been “claimed” and the other high pressure tactics Amazon uses to get you to buy. Remember, they’re in this to make money. Being smart and comparison shopping will save you money.
  • Prime Day has plenty of good deals but they’re not necessary the best deals of the year. Look for stuff you either need at a good price or stuff you just want at a discount, not the steepest discount.
  • Prime Day is, for many nerds, Accessory Christmas. All the day to day stuff you need, like Cat6 cable, USB charging outlets, storage of every shape and size, hard drive enclosures, Lightning cords, iPad cases and the other miscellaneous stuff that you need for your toys are not only dirt cheap, they almost never sell out because they’re not “sexy.” Here’s where the real savings are to be had, so go to town.

Good luck and happy shopping!