Shockingly, Americans Are Ripe Suckers For Online Scams

While we all like to believe the majority of the country is stupid, thanks to [INSERT YOUR OWN POLITICAL JOKE HERE], it is a little embarrassing when we get solid proof. Although less than surprising, in some cases.

The Ponemon Institute and PC Tools held a study with 1800 participants in the U.S., and discovered that only 47% were able to identify contests that ask for personal information as a scam…and that 55% of participants would hand over their personal info at the completion of such a contest.On the bright side, the Brits involved in the study didn’t prove much smarter. Conversely, Australians proved least likely to be scammed.

Unfortunately for people tired of Internet misogyny (yes, we get it, you hate women because none of them will touch your swimsuit area), the study also found women, especially younger ones, were more likely to fall for scams. We’re sure Reddit won’t say anything mean about that at all.

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