Your Android Smartwatch No Longer Needs Your Phone

One of the biggest struggles smartwatches have faced is whether they’re an accessory or their own standalone product. Being dependent on a linkage to your phone hasn’t helped matters, but Google is breaking the chains, officially announcing cell support for Android Wear.

Granted, your smartwatch will still need a cellular modem, and there aren’t a lot of cell-capable smartwatches at the moment. On the other hand, it does mean that if you do have a smartwatch, you can leave your phone at home; Android Wear can take calls, send texts, and do all the other stuff you need a phone to do. You’ll just need to get used to voice commands.

Cutting the tie between phone and watch helps the smartwatch stand on its own, which will be crucial if they want to be useful instead of just a second screen for your phone. The other hurdles, like being stylish, are another matter. But, for now, if you want to leave your phone at home for an event, or if you just want to ditch your phone altogether. Currently, only LG’s Watch Urbane has LTE support, but expect that to change quickly, especially as manufacturers realize this might be what it takes to get people to buy smartwatches.

(Via Mashable)