Andy Samberg Is Mark Zuckerberg

09.26.11 8 years ago


At this year’s F8 conference, Andy Samberg took the stage dressed as Mark Zuckerberg, saying “I want to start by focusing on some key issues. The first is the importance of authentic identity.” He then introduced himself as Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is going to be replacing Facebook profile pages with a new feature called “Timeline,” and they will also be introducing a new category of apps called “Open Graph.” However, we’re more interested in getting the features Andy Samberg promised during his Zuckerberg impression: “The Slow-Poke,” which gives you 24 hours to sober up and retract your creepy poke, and a new category in your friends list: “I’m Not Really Friends With These People”.

He also got a dig in at Twitter:

“The trend is toward more sharing. You wake up, share it with your friends. You’re out of toothpaste, share it with your friends. You take a crazy big number two, don’t share it with your friends. That’s for Twitter.” (transcribed by IBTimes)

You can watch the whole video below, although we’ll admit the banner picture is far more interesting than what you’ll likely see at a business conference when someone impersonates the CEO. You can’t lambast him very much. He’s CEO, bitch.


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