Another Day, Another Rabidly Antipiracy Corporation Committing Piracy

You might remember Vevo as the people on YouTube who force you to find another version of the music video you want to put on your blog because they always disable embedding.

It won’t surprise you to know it’s a company run by several major music labels to distribute and profit off of music videos. Nor will it surprise you to know they hate piracy. You know, when it happens to them.

When it happens to the NFL, that’s a different matter entirely!

The worst part is that Vevo is trying to cover it up by insisting it was just one random guest who futzed with their laptop, and it was, like, only on for a few minutes. Unfortunately for them, bloggers were around, and have a few uncomfortable questions about how, if that was the case, the game was on for an hour and there were efforts to make the stream clearer.

But we’re sure they have a perfectly reasonable explanation for stealing someone else’s content. Just like the movie studios.

(Image via Earl-What I Saw 2.0 on Flickr)