Jim Breuer Found The Man Who Voiced AOL's Iconic 'You've Got Mail'

Have you ever wondered who voiced AOL’s iconic greeting (“Welcome!”), mail notification (“You’ve got mail!”), and other sound bites? Well, you’re in luck, because comedian/goatboy Jim Breuer tracked him down and recorded a short video for the whole internet to enjoy.

Elwood Edwards is his name, and he tells Breuer a short story about recording those voice snippets way back in 1989 (!!!) before reeling off a few of his favorites — including the demonic “Goodbye!” that destroyed your will to live on so many occasions.

More fun facts about Edwards, via Wikipedia:

– His voice appeared in an episode of The Simpsons, in which he provided the voice of a virtual doctor (“You’ve got leprosy!”).

– His voice appeared in advertising for the movie You’ve Got Mail.

– AOL converted his voice into an AOL-BOT to be used in chatrooms.

– He had a short stint as a weatherman (once proclaiming to New Bern, North Carolina: “You’ve got hail.”)

– He used to sell personalized .wav files through his website.

– No one but your grandma knows if AOL still uses his voice.