Apple Day 2015: Everything You Need To Know

Apple had its annual iPhone and iPad blowout this year, and there was a lot put out there. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s upcoming products.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

  • It runs iOS 9.
  • It’s now available in rose gold (pink), as well as white, grey, and gold.
  • It incorporates a host of subtle improvements, like 3D Touch, an adaptation of the Apple Watch’s Force Touch, using your phone’s screen as a flash for selfies, and “Live Photos,” which are basically just Vines that Apple will let you use as your home screen.
  • It uses the A9 chipset, which yields a 70 percent faster experience and gives the GPU a 90 percent boost.
  • The 6S starts at $199 on contract, while the Plus starts at $299 on contract. Alternately, you can send Apple $32 a month and be upgraded automatically every year.
  • Preorders start September 12; iOS 9 arrives September 16.

iPad Pro

  • It’s a 12.9-inch iPad. Yes, really.
  • Apple has designed it as a workhorse; it demonstrated Adobe and Microsoft professional software on the Pro, and more importantly, it was clear both companies had spent a lot of time with it to develop features.
  • You can add the Apple Pencil and a keyboard cover as accessories to get even more functionality out of it.
  • It’s more or less transparently designed to replace the MacBook Air, right down to the pricing; the base unit with just WiFi starts at $899, and an LTE and space upgrade. The keyboard will be $169 and Apple Pencil will be $99.

iPad Mini

  • The iPad Mini 4 is an iPad Air 2 shrunken down; it has the same chipset, just a smaller screen. It starts at $400.
  • The iPad Mini 2 has survived, and is now $269.

Apple Watch

  • Apple is adding a host of new apps: Facebook Messenger, a universal translator, and a GoPro app were just three examples offered.
  • They’re also bumping up the Apple Watch’s health monitoring features. They claim their new software is so sensitive it can detect a pregnant woman’s heartbeat and her baby’s independently. They’ve also upgraded authentication so you can securely send data directly to your doctor.
  • It too is also pink. There will also be traditional watch bands for it, and of course a range of high fashion watchbands including a line from Hermes.

Apple TV

  • Apple has incorporated some truly impressive vocal search that allows you to get specific; you can ask for just the Connery Bonds, for example, and it will pull up options across all platforms.
  • Your iDevices can now serve as remotes.
  • Apple is broadening the apps available; now, any app you buy on your iPhone or iPad that’s compatible with the Apple TV can be uploaded to both platforms.
  • Apple showed a lot of games, including the upcoming Guitar Hero Live, but stopped short of positioning the Apple TV as a gaming console.

And of course, if you want more in-depth analysis of all of today’s presentation, we’ve got that covered with all you need to know about the iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

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