This Apple Leak Confirms That There Will Be A Gigantic ‘Plus’ Version Of The iPhone 7

While new iPhone versions seem to not be met with the same anticipation and fervor that the original ones did, people still get pretty excited when Apple decides to release a new version of their flagship smartphone. The iPhone 7 has been the subject of some widespread speculation, mainly that it won’t be featuring a headphone jack this time around, most likely so Apple can sell adapters and their own, special headphones. What better way to utilize that Beats By Dre acquisition, right?

The latest leak is not of the iPhone 7, but instead what seems to be the iPhone 7 Plus. Much like the iPhone 6 before it, insiders have believed that there would be a “Plus” or “Pro” version of the latest iPhone, once again larger than the standard issue iPhone. This latest leak comes by way of a video from Unbox Therapy, with Forbes echoing many of these details with their own information.

YouTuber Unbox Therapy shows off the mock-up that he received that includes a lot of the rumored features, such as a dual-lens camera in the back, a Smart Connector, antennae running along the ridges of the phone and, of course, no headphone jack. Oh yeah, and it’s blue and this is the first time that this shade of blue will be available from Apple.

(Via Forbes)

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