Apple’s New Instagram Account Is Showcasing Your Slick iPhone Photography


Increasingly, Apple has been selling the iPhone as a slick point-and-shoot camera with a computer attached. But finding the best iPhone images has been tough. So Apple has taken the rare step of joining social media and firing up a new Instagram to help you see the most beautiful photos an iPhone’s ever taken.

This is a dramatic change for Apple, which doesn’t boast a robust social media presence. Just check out its Spartan Facebook. And Apple’s Twitter isn’t any more inviting. The account’s got over one million followers, yet the company hasn’t tweeted once. But the Instagram? It’s just getting stated. And the posts are fresh: Each post is a set of slides, showing off some aspect of the iPhone’s photography along with soundbites from the photographer.

It seems that Apple is actively seeking out Instagrammers who are sharing their iPhone shots, ranging from experts to quirky accounts like the Bell Pay Phone Project, which documents the payphones of Toronto. And they credit each photog, which is both excellent social media etiquette and a good way to encourage more people to take beautiful photos in the hopes of being featured. (If you’re interested, #ShotonIphone — which is already blowing up — seems to be the unofficial way to make those intentions clear.)

The account may be promoting Apple’s products, but it’s also a nicely curated bit of Instagram, picking out accounts you may not hear of otherwise. And, of course, offering up a few style goals for photographers.

(Via The Verge)