Apple Is ‘Completely Rethinking’ The Mac Pro

For a long, long time, computers have been an afterthought for Apple. And, really, as frustrating as the company’s longtime fans may have found that attitude, it’s hard to blame them, as selling music and smartphones has not only kept the lights on but helped Apple amass a truly giant pile of cash. But it’s never abandoned computers entirely, and it may be about to redo its signature high-end desktop.

The Mac Pro was last revamped in 2013, to make it look like either a jet turbine or a trash can, depending on how charitable you wanted to be, and that apparently has painted Apple into a corner. So, according to an interview in Buzzfeed News with Phil Schiller, one of Apple’s top executives, they’re redoing the whole system from cores to display:

“We are completely rethinking the Mac Pro. Since the Mac Pro is a modular system, we are also doing a pro display. There’s a team working hard on it right now.”

But Schiller notes it won’t arrive this year, so any video editors left that hadn’t totally abandoned ship, sorry, guys, you’ll have to cling to the Pro a while longer. The new Mac Pro will also be upgradable, which the tubular one wasn’t, so that’s good news. In the meantime, the ol’ trashcan is getting a spec bump — so if you need an upgrade, now’s the time.

(via The Verge