Apple Is Taking Their Innovation Quest To Pizza Boxes Now

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Is there any company more obsessed with detail than Apple? From the engineering of its phones to the seemingly endless stories about its “spaceship” campus, Apple is picky about quite literally everything. Even, it turns out, the boxes you get with their cafeteria pizza.

The Verge followed up on an anecdote about pizza and discovered that there is, indeed, a pizza box Apple designed specifically for its employees. Sized for a personal pie, from the looks of things, the big innovation if that it’s got air holes in the top so steam doesn’t condense in the box, meaning your pizza doesn’t get soggy in the transition from oven to box to desk to face. It’s also designed to be tightly stackable and made out of pretty much anything food-safe, so you get maximum benefit in your pizza box.

Apple/US Patent Office

Apparently this has been in use for Apple cafeterias for a while, but this marks yet another notch in the legend of Apple’s perfectionism. Although, to be honest, we wouldn’t be put out if they started licensing this patent. Sure, Apple has spent a decade rewiring how we communicate and putting supercomputers in our pockets, but getting rid of soggy pizza? That might be the company’s greatest achievement yet.

(via The Verge)

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