Apple Jumps Into The Self-Driving Car Game With Project Titan


For years, we’ve been hearing rumors of Project Titan, aka the Apple Car. But Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about the stuff that never makes it to market, and so all we had were rumors. Interestingly, though, as of this week, Apple’s made it official — they’ve built the software to help a car drive itself.

Tim Cook spoke with Bloomberg about the project, calling it “the mother of all AI projects.” For now, it appears Apple isn’t building a car, but instead is building a system for car manufacturers to install. Keep in mind that iOS 11 will be arriving this fall with feature that turn it into a defacto “brain” for your car, including lane guidance and speed limits, so we may be seeing a small piece of Titan sooner than we thought.

How will Apple stand out in a crowded field? Google, Tesla, and of course the automakers themselves are all working with autonomous vehicle technology. Cadillac, in fact, debuted a form of “super cruise control” just this year that allows the CT6 to drive itself down specific types of highways. But Apple has some advantages, not least an iPhone in millions of pockets, and that might make all the difference. We’ll see as Project Titan becomes an actual product.

(Via Bloomberg)