Apple Spent A Ridiculous Amount Of Money On The New U2 Album

Stuffing an unwanted album into the iTunes accounts of 500 million people doesn’t come cheap. According to various reports, Apple spent in excess of $100 million on marketing for Songs of Innocence, “plus an undisclosed lump sum that goes to U2 as a direct payment,” according to the Verge.

That’s a lot of scratch, until you remember the company we’re talking about.

Apple has an ungodly amount of money in the bank — $150 billion and counting. (Via)

Honestly, it’s not even that much for U2. The 360° Tour alone brought in $736 million, so another multimillion payout means nothing to them. It’s probably Adam Clayton’s allowance for the week.

Or they could buy a brand-new lemon. The old one’s not looking so great.

Via the Verge