Are You Ready For A Facebook Phone Named Buffy?


Buffy the iPhone Slayer? Mark Zuckerberg certainly hopes so!

Reports All Things D:

After years of considering how to best get into the phone business, Facebook has tapped Taiwanese cellphone maker HTC to build a smartphone that has the social network integrated at the core of its being.

Code-named “Buffy,” after the television vampire slayer, the phone is planned to run on a modified version of Android that Facebook has tweaked heavily to deeply integrate its services, as well as to support HTML5 as a platform for applications, according to sources familiar with the project.

Facebook only recently chose HTC, after also considering at least one other potential hardware partner — Korea’s Samsung. That means the products themselves are still a ways from hitting the market, potentially as long as 12 to 18 months.

My question is this: with people’s dissatisfaction with Facebook seemingly growing exponentially by the day as the company creeps further and further into our digital lives, would anyone really feel entirely comfortable using a Facebook phone? Like, I can imagine texting a friend something along the lines of, “Mmmmm, I’m craving fried chicken tonight” and then seconds later having an ad for KFC pop up. Thanks, but no thanks.

(Pic via All Things D)

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