Ashton Kutcher Would Like To Put You On His A+ List

A couple of days ago Ashton Kutcher tweeted out a link to a website asking his followers to join his “list.” Details were sketchy to non-existent, so I foolishly signed up, hoping that doing so might generate an email offering more information. It did not.

Great. I just signed up for a lifetime of Kutcher spam, didn’t I?

Seriously though — what the hell is this? Is Ashton Kutcher launching a Goop for bros? That’s kind of what this feels like, though I did some digging around and found this 2011 Next Web story on a Twitter app Kutcher was funding that was to be called “A Plus” as well. features all of the basic things that a desktop Twitter client should have, with a few additional options that could give it value for heavy users of Twitter. You can pop out columns from your main stream to follow searches and Tweets without switching away from your main feed. There is also a feature called LivePreview that gives you an instant look into the content of the Tweets in your timeline including websites, photos and videos.

I’m holding out hope that Ashton’s big 2013 project is a Goop for bros. How fun would that be to lampoon here on the regular?

“An experience where dreaming bigger is mandatory”? Maybe a Royal Tenenbaums remake starring Ikea Monkey?