Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Biopic Is Called ‘jOBS’

You know how sometimes you accidentally hit Caps Lock instead of Shift and thus yOU gET wORDS lIKE tHIS? Apparently, that’s how indies title their movies now!

Yes, we know, they’re trying to evoke Apple iWhatever, but you have to admit, that’s a stupid title. jOBS has, however, landed a fairly plum assignment as Sundance, as it’s the closing film for the entire festival. That generally means everybody at Sundance gets to see it, and it positions the movie to be a fairly popular entry in the whole “Who sells the rights for the most money” derby that Sundance essentially is now.

One thing we haven’t heard, though, is whether this profile of Jobs is actually any good. It’ll be as accurate as they can possibly make it: They’ve been shooting in Steve Jobs’ actual house, for example.

The question is really whether it’ll be an honest biopic, since Jobs was by all accounts a pretty awful person: When he first took Apple over, he literally fired people in the elevator. There’s also the question of how, precisely, they’ll make soldering wires and stock meetings exciting, especially since Jobs spent a decade in the tech wilderness before coming back not with his NeXT system, but with Pixar. We’re assuming the movie ends with his summary execution by the Apple board in 1985. It’s fairly safe to assume, if it’s Sundance’s closing movie, that it’s at least a well-executed biopic that doesn’t mindlessly lionize the guy.

Either way, though, at least we’ll always have that Playgirl-quality promotional photo above. That alone makes this whole project worth it.