And The Award For Most Tacky 9/11-Themed Advertising Goes To…AT&T!

Well, you just knew it was coming; some bone-headed corporation would — in an impossibly misguided attempt to promote their brand by invoking 9/11, or something — would cross the line and spark an outrage. And AT&T has laid claim to the prize.

Yes, in what will surely go down as one of the more ill-conceived bits of product placement in the history of advertising, AT&T tweeted “Never Forget” along with photo of an AT&T phone held up in place of the Twin Towers from it’s official account this afternoon. Naturally, a few folks are outraged about this…

AT&T later issued an apology via Twitter and deleted the offending tweet.

Meanwhile, 2nd place goes to…Marriot!

And third place goes to…the Los Angeles Lakers! (What does this even mean?!)

Great job, everyone!

(HT: NYC Southpaw)