AT&T Is Basically Screwing Everybody


Serious question: Has there every been a company more universally loathed than AT&T? I seriously spent a few minutes pondering that this morning and couldn’t come up with another. Sure, one could make the case for BP, Enron, the tobacco companies, or Goldman Sachs, but I just don’t think they inspire the vitriol, well-deserved vitriol I might add, that AT&T does. All the dropped calls, the impossibly horrible customer service — it’s like they know they’ve got everyone by the balls and so they just don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of them. And now it appears as though their arrogance is so over the top that they’ve been willingly overcharging customers for data usage — sometimes up to 300% — just because they can.

Reports the Daily Mail:

AT&T are ‘systematically overcharging’ up to 20 million Americans who use their iPhone or iPad to access data on the go, an investigation has uncovered.

The lawsuit alleges the phone giant routinely over charges customers between 7 and 14 per cent, and in some cases up to 300 per cent.

In tests, engineers said they found the company charged for downloading data and surfing the web even when the iPhones remained untouched.

Speaking to MSNBC, lawyer Barry Davis who worked on the suit, said: ‘It’s like a rigged gas pump.

‘Where when you go to the gas station and ask for a gallon of gas but only get 9/10’s.’

When asked by a reporter whether his team found overcharging for every single transaction, he replied: ‘yes, every single one.’

The reporter the asked: ‘Did you ever find a discrepancy where the customer was undercharged?’

Mr Davis replied: ‘Never. Always an overcharge, never an undercharge.’

And just in case you needed more reasons to hate them, here’s an MSNBC report on it all…

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