Badabing Makes Facebook Perving Easy

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10.30.12 2 Comments

Look, let’s face it, there are way, way too many people looking for sexy pictures on Facebook. If you were parked in a tree with binoculars watching your eighteen-year-old neighbor and her friends frolic around in bikinis, you’d be thrown in jail. Do it on Facebook and you’re legally in the clear!

It’s a problem, to say the least. An extremely profitable one, if Badabing is any indication.

We’ve got no idea how the app actually works, but realistically, programming an algorithm to find pictures that expose a lot of skin isn’t particularly hard as these things go. Two bucks gets you the app: Log in with your Facebook and you can start pulling bikini (or Speedo) pictures of your “friends”. Which is not creepy whatsoever!

Pretty much any coverage the app has gotten has said the moral of the story is that Facebook is not private, which is true as far as it goes. But that doesn’t go far enough. The real moral of the story here is that once you’ve signed up for Facebook, and unless you rigidly monitor or otherwise lock down your feed, people can take your information and do anything they want with it, and there’s literally no way for you to even know that happened. Which, really, should be troubling even if you don’t have ripped abs or a propensity for skimpy swimsuits.

Although, if you get a dozen friend requests after you post an album about your bikini shopping, or the swim meet where you were wearing the really tight Speedo, you can probably safely turn most of those down.

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