‘Beer Labels In Motion’ Might Be The Best Beer Advertising Ever

The rise of craft beer has also led to a rise in beautifully designed beer labels. Beautifully designed, but static beer labels. Trevor Carmick sees this as an injustice, and has set out to rectify it.

Essentially, Carmick chooses a beer and then does surprisingly detailed animations of the label. For example, here’s his take on Ruination, the IPA from Stone…

Or his take on the Edmund Fitzgerald porter from Great Lakes Brewing:

You know what? Carmick is a genius. Honestly, craft beer can always use more, and more creative, advertising; the heartwarming viral ads are generally limited to the big brewers because, well, they cost a lot of money. Not helping is the weird laws about beer from state to state; just ask somebody from Texas about dry counties, or a Pennsylvanian about beer distributors. So, really, bring on the GIFs, the viral videos, and the reality shows: Good beer needs all the help it can get.