Behold, The $84,000 Bugatti Belt Buckle

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01.03.14 5 Comments

bugatti buckle

The humble belt has remained unchanged for centuries. It’s a piece of leather with some holes punched in it and a metal loop and prong to keep it in place. But, of course, if you’re offensively rich, you can’t have just any belt buckle. You need one from Bugatti.

Yes, Bugatti, which usually works in the arena of supercars, is making a Bugatti belt buckle. And to be fair, it seems like a really, really nice belt buckle, according to its design company, Roland Iten:

Roland Iten has designed a unique mechanically performing belt mechanism to rival even the finest watch movements. Hand- crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs and pinions all interconnect to create a mechanism that allows the wearer to obtain the absolute precise fit.

Roland Iten actually makes a living offering insanely over-engineered solutions to simple problems: If you want shoelace protectors in white gold with diamonds, they’ve got you covered, and they offer the most precise set of cufflinks ever made. Similarly, the idea behind this belt buckle, which was made using Swiss watch-making techniques, is that you get an absolutely perfect fit on your belt, every single time. This requires a complex set of ratchets and a lot of gold, for some reason. Also, those clear panels are “smoked sapphire.”

Needless to say, you won’t be seeing the Bugatti belt buckle everywhere, not least because they’re only making 44 of them. Also, there are better things to spend $84,000 on, like a green Viper.

Roland Iten

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