We Rank The Best Five Apps For Landing A Cheap Flight

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If you follow our travel section at all, you know we at Uproxx love cheap flights. But we also know that sometimes you can’t plan ahead, or that you’re not always near a computer to book a flight. And the best deals require you to act fast. So we’ve ranked five apps that will let you snag a cheap flight on your phone, whether you need to get to a specific destination or just want to get away for a while.

Check our list and add your own favs in the comments.

5) Momondo

An all-in-one travel app, Momondo‘s main drawback is it could be more usable. If you don’t know the flight codes of the cities you’re looking to explore, well, better get Googling. But if you’re looking for a travel agent in your pocket, it draws from hundreds of sites to find the cheapest flight, hotel room, and car rental.

4) Hipmunk

You might want to put your phone on mute thanks to the mascot, but Hipmunk‘s app, especially its tight Google integration, is incredibly handy. A nice touch is that it ranks flights by, among other metrics, “agony,” namely how many layovers and connections you’ll have to take to get somewhere.

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