Attain BBQ Mastery Tonight With These Grilling Apps


July 4th weekend is coming up, and for many of us, that means firing up the grill. And since you’ve got a smartphone handy, why not use it to up your grill game? Here are five apps that will make you the emperor of grilling.

The Pit Pal

If you just need an overview of BBQ, whether you’re about to start a long smoking, haven’t fired up propane in a while, or just want to up your game, The Pit Pal is a nice, well-rounded and informative app that will guide rookie grillers and experienced fire users alike through the ins and outs of cooking food on a hot grill. If you’re particularly data obsessed, or want to take this whole grilling thing further, it’s got features that will let you enter data and build a database of your grills, so you can note what works, and what doesn’t.


We’ve spoken about GrillTime before, but as its one of the most useful cooking apps out there, it’s worth a second mention. As you might guess, it is an app that gives you the perfect amount of time to grill everything from chicken to vegetables. Just punch in the necessary information, set the timer, and it’ll tell you when to flip, how long to grill, and will give you multiple timers so you won’t have to juggle them. It’ll even work with your Apple Watch, should you have one on your wrist.

Webbers’ On The Grill

Webber offers two apps; one, for iOS, is free, while Android fans will be paying $5. But, especially if you’re new to charcoal grilling or just want to boost your grilling game, both are excellent apps from the charcoal experts with recipes, ideas, timers, and tips to ensure your food is perfect off the grate, every single time.

Food Monster

There’s no reason vegetarians and vegans can’t get in on the grilling. Food Monster offers a host of recipes that you can adapt for the grill, beyond just “veggie skewers”, which, come on, that’s lazy. It’ll help you find new ideas to cook with and if you’re not vegetarian, give you a few ideas for fun sides beyond the typical pasta salads, potato salads, and, uh, salads.


Finally, if you’re going to make a habit of this grilling thing, Grill-It! offers an ongoing list of every possible thing you could want to grill, from the classic steaks to seafood and beyond. It’s a bit like having a cookbook in your pocket, and it’s especially useful if you find yourself juggling a bunch of different dietary needs, like pescetarian, vegetarian, and carnivore, for your outdoor party.

Any grilling apps you love that we didn’t feature? Let us know in the comments!