Ranking The Five Apps To Help Make Valentine’s Day Great


Wednesday, in case you somehow forgot (nigh impossible!), is Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating it with friends, taking your significant other out, or rolling the dice on that Tinder date, you can make your Valentine’s much easier with a few apps for your romance toolkit.

5) Pocket Salsa

Valentine’s Day means dancing for many, and some of us have no idea what the heck to do. Fortunately, Pocket Salsa comes to the resue. The app walks you through the basics and gives you enough confidence to get out on the dance floor.

4) Smart Closet


Dressing to go out is pretty much an entire app industry in of itself. It’s hard enough to pick clothes when you have the luxury of time on the weekend. But this is a Wednesday and you’ll be stressed. Use Smart Closet to save yourself some time and have an outfit ready to go.

3) Yelp!

Finding a reservation on Valentine’s Day is more or less impossible in most places, of course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a table. You just might have to pick a place that doesn’t take reservations. It’s got its issues, but Yelp remains the most convenient way to find a place nearby with good food, and if you’re stuck without a reservation, it’s a godsend.

2) Fandango

What says Valentine’s Day like going to see a movie, preferably one involving The Rock? Fandango‘s a great way to score last minute tickets to the movies. Hey, what’s romance without winging it?

1) Caviar


On the flip side, it is a Wednesday, you’ve got work tomorrow, and maybe you’d rather be at home, away from the crowds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice meal. You just may want to order from luxury delivery service Caviar a little early. Get food that’s of a high enough quality to say: I love you. Or at least, “I like you enough for right now and as long as we have similar expectations this could be fun!”