Ranking The Apps To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Phone


With Apple’s ongoing battery controversy, we’re all wondering how to get more out of our phones, and how to keep them from becoming a problem when they shut down for good. Fortunately, these five apps ensure you put your phone down, keep your photos backed up, and keep your data and battery managed.

5) ScreenLimit

Sure, screen control apps are generally seen as “for kids,” but they’re also useful for adults who find their phones distracting, yet don’t have the ability to not check notifications. ScreenLimit lets you get to work, although there remains no cure for FOMO, sorry.

4) 1Password


The best security, when it comes to passwords, is to have diverse entries. Of course, this increases the chance of forgetting. 1Password lets you just gather them all in one place, use them as needed, and makes your personal firewall harder to breach.

3) My Data Manager

If you don’t want an unlimited plan, tracking data is a pain. Fortunately, My Data Manager makes it painless; just set it up, and use it to ensure you’re not busting through your limits. Especially handy is that it helps you translate data overages into dollars and cents, so you know why your bill is so high, and how to keep it from getting there again.

2) Dropbox

Nobody wants to run out of room on their phones, but it’s also hard to delete stuff off your phone. So, sign up for a Dropbox and configure your phone to load anything you want kept backed up, so you can delete with confidence. Just don’t let it be your only backup for crucial data!

1) Battery Doctor

The premise behind Battery Doctor is simple. There’s a lot sucking power from your phone, from the apps running in the background to the brightness of your screen. So, use the app to cut these power vampires out of your life, and keep enjoying your phone.

Got an app you used to keep your phone tip-top? Let us know in the comments!