Google Has Figured Out The Best Times To Hit The Road For Thanksgiving


is nearly upon us and for the Americans who can dodge the airport, that means getting on the road to go over the river and through the woods, only to discover everyone else had the exact same idea. Fortunately, unlike in the past, we now have Google to data mine traffic statistics and figure out to get to Thanksgiving with a minimum of being stuck behind a Kia Soul with a set of Trucknutz.

Heading to your dinner, Google found heading out early on the day itself is relatively frustration-free. That’s because the absolute worst time to hit the road for Thanksgiving is Wednesday late afternoon, when people get out of work and sprint. Essentially, a little patience, and waiting for people to get off the road, will make life easier if you’re driving. Considering that Thanksgiving Eve is also one of the biggest drinking days in America, it’s also probably safer to leave early that morning.

Conversely, when it’s time to leave, you’ll want to hold off on Black Friday as well. Shoppers mobbing the road and families fleeing to movie theaters to avoid a drunken Uncle Al “explaining” his vote again mean that Friday is a nightmare. Similarly, Saturday afternoon, the natural point to head home, is mobbed. So when going back, according to Google, pick Saturday or Sunday early morning to head out. Really, though, Google’s ignoring the best solution: Make your family come to you, and let them deal with the traffic.

(via Google)