Ranking The Best Vegetarian Apps

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More and more, people are resolving to go vegetarian in the New Year. Simply put, how we raise and slaughter meat isn’t ecologically or economically viable — so much so billions are going into growing meat in the lab.

Until animals are out of the “meat” equation, if you want to go vegetarian, we’ve ranked five great apps for doing just that.

5) Epicurious

The app fronting the website — especially if you’re new to vegetarianism, this is a good start, with plenty of professional recipes from the back catalogues of Bon Appétit and Gourmet. One downside? It’s not vegetarian specific, so you’ll have to use the search tools to find the gold. And the slideshow layout is more “beginning cook” friendly than expert.

4) Kitchen Stories

The popular website has an app that’s a lot more convenient to use that the site’s own search function. While it’s not exclusively vegetarian, it does offer a lot of ideas and it’s also just fun to scroll through and see how other people have executed any given dish.

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