BlackBerry Might Split Itself In Two

Remember when we told you Research In Motion, the owner of the formerly popular BlackBerry, might not make it to the end of 2012? That it might be dead as soon as summer? Yeah, well, that’s looking increasingly likely, as they’re planning to sell their handset business to some sucker and keep their messaging business.

The [Sunday Times], which didn’t cite sources, also mentioned Facebook and Amazon as “potential buyers.” Another option has the company staying intact but selling a large stack to a larger tech company such as Microsoft.

Yeah, because Microsoft is all about lifting sinking ships.

It’s been a tough year for RIM. Their tablet tanked, just like almost everyone else’s tablet. Their market share halved and has been sinking as iOS and Android punch pretty much everybody in the nards. Facebook won’t buy it — they have enough problems propping up their stock. Amazon won’t buy it either — why would they? There’s no reason for them to make smartphones. Google already owns Motorola. We’re pretty sure RIM will find a buyer for its handset business. But we’re also pretty sure that separate from its handset, the messaging service won’t be nearly as appealing to customers.

(Image via Matt Hurst on Flickr)