The Coolest Stuff That You Might Actually Use From CES 2018

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01.12.18 4 Comments

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The Consumer Electronics Show is part trade show, part science fair, and part toy store. It’s basically a giant nerd playground in the Las Vegas desert. Like most toy stores, the show is full of stuff that’s far too expensive and that you’ll never justify the cost of. But amid all the neat, if unnecessary, stuff out there, including way too many methods and tools to speak with your toilet and a whole host of gigantic TVs, there are a few things that save you space, save the environment, or save you money, and thus are likely to wind up in your house.

Here are the best highlights, with five products you’d actually get use out of.

LG’s Rollup TV

One of the big problems with giant TVs is that most of us don’t have a giant amount of space. LG, which has been working on a folding TV for years, has the solution: A giant 4K TV that rolls up like a newspaper and only displays as much screen as you actually need at any given time. So, if you’ve got friends over, you can roll out the TV for the Super Bowl, but if it’s just you on the couch, you can only roll out as much as you need to watch a widescreen movie.

A TV that tucks itself away is handy, no matter how big your house is, but for living in a small space, it may be indispensable. LG is currently looking for a company to take it out of the prototype stage, but considering that last year, they had an 18-inch version, seeing this at stores is likely just a matter of time.

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