Teamwork And Tech Combine To Put A Scare Into A Live Audience With An Immersive Horror Film

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We’ve all had the sense that something is lurking behind us, but imagine turning around and seeing a massive shadow monster bearing down on you. That’s the experience Uproxx and Intel created live in downtown LA with a unique collaboration between animators, projection mappers from Optical Animal, and a composer.

Optical Animal creative directors Max Nova and Austion Woolfolk worked out of their Brooklyn headquarters, teaming with Uproxx In Theory animators Erik Campbell and Jimi Martinez and musician Sweater Beats to bring their shared vision to life using projection mapping, a custom score with live elements, and a nine story building. It’s something Nova called an “immersive, horror-themed, experience,” that featured a live actor who was followed by and interacted with a shadow that gradually transformed into a huge, scary monster. The short-form horror film at the heart of this is called The Shadow.

To help the team bring this creation into existence and make for a more efficient process while working to help with cross-coast communication, Intel supplied the assorted teams with Falcon DLX and TLX Laptops with Intel® Core™ i7 processors featuring Intel® Optane™ memory.

To learn more about this collaboration, watch the video above. Check out the other videos in our CRE8: Live The Process series to find out more about the creation of this immersive live experience.

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