Comcast Deleted Its Net Neutrality Pledge On The Same Day The FCC Announced Its Plan To Repeal The Open Web

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11.29.17 10 Comments

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It barely took a day for Comcast to rid itself of its albatross of a net neutrality pledge after the FCC announced its plan to repeal net neutrality rules back in April. This, after days, weeks, and months of promising that they won’t throttle speeds and won’t abuse their powers as one of the world’s largest internet service providers in a series of recent and not so recent tweets.

Tweets that go back all the way to July of this year:

Now, various sleuths and the Internet Archive noticed that Comcast’s pledge to maintain a fair and open internet is pretty much gone as we knew it. The pledge went from promising that it wouldn’t offer paid prioritization in 2014: “Comcast doesn’t prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes,” to something much different the day combative FCC Chairman Ajit Pai initially rolled out his plan to eradicate a net neutrality.

Here’s what the page looked like on April 26, 2017 via the WayBackMachine and ArsTechnica:

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