Courts Say It’s Ok For the Government To Blast You With X-Rays

Hey, remember those “backscatter” x-ray machines that can’t find a bomb if a terrorist shoves it up his butt and can’t find guns if placed a certain way and are considered “safe” — even though they refuse to let scientists verify the results of the studies proving it — which makes travelers choose between risking potential exposure to radiation or getting molested by a TSA agent? Yeah, apparently those are A-ok, according to the US Court of Appeals.

The problem is that the lawsuit centered around the Fourth Amendment (the one about unreasonable search and seizure) and suing using the Fourth is tricky because the courts have to balance between your right not to have your dong grabbed or looked at by airport mall cops and the government’s right to make sure terrorists don’t blow up airplanes. The court ruled, unanimously, that the government wins this one.

So, it’s off to the Supreme Court. Personally, we just want the Supremes to go through the process first, and then make their ruling.

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