That’s No Moon, But It Is A Floating Bluetooth Death Star Speaker

That’s no moon, that’s a speaker.

Everyone is feeling Star Wars fever right now, and every possible piece of merchandise that can be made about the Star Wars universe, is being made. This is leading to some pretty innovative marketing, toys and even more innovative speakers.

You know those levitating speaker systems that seem like you’re paying more for the levitation than the speaker? The novelty is pretty cool, but the sound varies wildly from set to set. If only the novelty could somehow be turned up to 11, that would turn a levitating speaker from an “oh, that’s cool” to “I must have one.”

This has been accomplished with the tiny, levitating, Bluetooth Death Star by Hellosy. Normally priced at $399, it’s currently down to $220 on Amazon, and probably only has one weakness that won’t even be able to be exploited unless you have a team of levitating rebels and a rascally smuggler attacking it.
Just look at this thing:

You’re probably wondering if it only plays John Williams, and my answer to that is, “I don’t know. Would you really want to play anything other than the Star Wars scores on this fully operational levitating Bluetooth speaker?”

(via Gizmodo)