Deleting This App Could Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life By 20%

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02.01.16 12 Comments


We have good news and bad news. The good news is that you can supposedly improve the battery life on your phone by 20% just by deleting one app. The bad news is that the app is Facebook — and what are you going to do, start reading magazines on the can again? (Scientific fact I just made up: At least 50% of all your Facebook statuses are read by someone who is pooping.)

Unfortunately, so far this has only been tested on Android phones, so if you’re an iPhone user, this may or may not work for you — however, it’s to be expected that the less time you’re spending on Facebook, the better it will be for your battery life. Android Central writer Russell Holly first discovered the trick, but it has since been tested and found to be beneficial by other tech writers.

Many report that battery life goes up by 20% just from removing the app, and there are lots of anecdotal reports of boosted speeds, too.

The good news is that Facebook Messenger isn’t quite so bad – so if you DO decide to ditch the main app, you can run Messenger, and just stay logged in to Facebook on Chrome.

If you absolutely can’t part with your precious Facebook app, it probably couldn’t hurt to at least turn off your notifications. But then how would you know how many people are “liking” your new profile picture in real time? There are some things in life worse than a low battery.

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