Google Introduces A New Feature Designed To Help You Decide Where And When To Travel


When it comes to navigation, Google Maps is the bomb. And now, the internet titan is looking to give travelers even more information and options in the palms of their hands via a new search feature which will help decide not only where to go on vacation, but when and how much the trip will cost.

On Wednesday, the company announced its new feature, Destinations on Google, designed to help those looking to get away with everything from booking to itineraries to hotels in a more intuitive way via your cellphone. According to the New York Times, this is the first time Google has unveiled any sort of travel aid tool for mobile devices before desktops. Destinations on Google is available on mobile browsers and through the Google mobile app.

Starting with entering a destination, either with a specific area or a general vicinity, the feature will provide users with a grid of photos. Tapping a photo brings up a series of information, including the cheapest weeks to travel there, flight prices and average hotel costs. Users can filter even further by prices, dates and specific interests (such as skiing, hiking, golf, etc.) and even look at what’s called “Popular Itineraries,” based on aggregated data from other users.

As per The Times, “Google says Destinations is designed for the leisure traveler who takes a trip or two a year and is concerned about making the right choices for that big getaway.” If planning a trip stresses you out even slightly, this tool sounds like it will do wonders for your brain.

(Via the New York Times)