Dick Pics Go 3D, Thanks To Handheld Scanners

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01.09.15 2 Comments


It is an inevitability that no technology stays pure and innocent once it hits the market. Inevitably, people will use it to sexual ends, no matter what it may be. Especially if it’s something that lets you put a 3D model of your various body parts on the Internet.

Yes, thanks to Scanify and other handheld 3D scanners, where you just need to point it at something and rotate it a bit, there are now 3D dick pics. Some people even claim to have made “realistic” 3D animations, which we treat with roughly the same skepticism as a selfie taken from a high angle. Especially when the penis starts walking.

No, really. Some guy actually made that. There’s even a YouTube video, which we don’t recommend you watch. It’s at this point we should note that these 3D scanners aren’t cheap: Scanify, the 3D scanner getting some heat thanks to CES, will cost $1,490, and that’s on the low end.

But for some, that will clearly be a small price to pay to put their dong out there in the hopes that other people will 3D print it. Really, though, why bother? The Dildomaker is so much cheaper!

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